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New Ani-Gamers Steam Group


To gauge how many people read this thing, as well as be more active in the community, we have created a Steam group. For those who do not know, Steam is a content-delivery service for PC games. It also has the Steam Community, a fifteen million strong community made up of groups and clans, as well as having its own chat client. Using our Steam group, we can send you announcements about Ani-Gamers, you can join other A-G fans in games, and have huge community get-togethers. Even if you don’t play on the PC, it’s worth it to join in community events. To join the group, click here. To get Steam, click here.

Our first event will be a Team Fortress 2 clinic. There will be a free Team Fortress 2 weekend June 20th-June 22nd, and my goal is to help people have an idea of the game. Once people join the group, the event will be scheduled. To download TF2 for the weekend, click here.

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    Kevin Alvarez (TMPX) met Evan while working as the Media Manager for the latter's local anime club. Pretty soon, he was writing news articles and reviews for Ani-Gamers, providing a perspective on the more modern, moe-centered fanbase.

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