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Final Fantasy XIII’s presence at E3 remains a mystery


With the recent news that Microsoft will now be the exclusive home to a number of Square-Enix RPGs, PS3 owners are counting on the impending success that Final Fantasy XIII will eventually bring. The PS2 was the source for nearly all the Japanese RPGs of last generation, but with the rising success of the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s determination to gain more exclusives, the PS3’s lineup is looking rather thin.

However, according to a PlayStation fansite (Talk PS3 owners need not fret because Square-Enix is ‘likely’ to bring more footage of the eagerly anticipated FFXIII along with its equally respected counterpart, FFXIII Versus to E3. The site also states that it is very possible that such footage will include a demo that will showcase the new gameplay that XIII will bring to the series. Unfortunately Square shot down such speculation stating that they have no plans of showing such a demo at this year’s E3.

That does not mean however that Final Fantasy XIII will be absent from the show altogether. In fact, it is highly likely that the game will be shown in some form or another. Regardless, Sony needs to recognize the importance of the role-playing genre to the PlayStation brand and provide their customers with a library that will satisfy fans.

[via Talk]

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