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Bo Diddley’s guitar to be featured in Rock Band 2

Bo Diddley

Not to be grim, but I’m afraid there’s yet another slice of news that deals with death and video gaming/anime culture. Sorry!

I feel ashamed to say that I’ve never heard of Bo Diddley before today, and if you have, please don’t chew me out… But then again, if you already know about him, this shouldn’t be news: he passed away on June 2nd, 2008 at the age of 79.

It’s never nice to hear about anyone’s death, especially when they’re as much of an influential person as Bo Diddley was. I’m not going to sit here and babble on about how great he was because, honestly, I couldn’t tell you. If you were a fan, you knew what he meant to modern music.

Rock Band 2 developers, obviously wishing to pay their respects are planning to incorporate his unique cigarette-shaped guitar into the game (as either a peripheral or an in-game feature, not sure which but my money’s on in-game). Fun.

[via San Francisco Chronicle]

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