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ADV’s PiQ Magazine ends after 4 issues

Mere months after the abrupt end of ADV’s Newtype USA magazine, its successor, PiQ magazine, is reportedly ending its four-month publishing career. ICv2 reports that the primary reasons for the magazine shutting down are “low advertising revenue, poor business management, and a lack of proper marketing and promotion.”

Regardless of PiQ‘s more diverse, less anime-centric approach and the fact that Newtype subscribers carried over to the new mag, it apparently failed to achieve a large enough readerbase, and the magazine’s staff calls it “an exercise in futility.”

ADV’s website is under maintenance right now, so we have yet to hear from them on if they will be replacing PiQ with yet another magazine. However, prospects seem grim for this once-giant of the American anime scene as it grasps to make some sort of revenue from a sinking market.

[via ICv2]

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