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Review Restructuring in Progress

two and a half stars

You may notice in the next day or two that some of our reviews are either down or seem to be incomplete in some way. That’s because I’m starting to restructure our reviews so that they all have more streamlined layouts and (most importantly) improved ratings systems.

On that topic, the new ratings system will work in much the same way, except that instead of a 20-point system (1-10, with 0.5’s), we will be using an 8-point system (1-4 stars, with 0.5’s). I think that a movie-style 4-star system will put less emphasis on the rating and more emphasis on the text of the review itself, as it should be.

Make sure you remember, the new ratings system will not be a direct conversion from the old one. (5.0 won’t be 2 stars, 7.5 won’t be 3 stars) The new system should even everything out so that we are not only using the top half of the scale, as the 10-point system forces us to do.

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    Evan is the Editor-in-chief of Ani-Gamers, a freelance reviewer for Otaku USA Magazine, and a frequent anime convention panelist. You can read his ravings about anime, manga, games, politics, music, and more on Twitter @VamptVo.

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