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Reminder: Watch Golgo 13, experience true awesomeness

Golgo 13 is quite clearly the most awesome badass in anime

It’s the spring anime season, and you know what that means. NO, it doesn’t mean you get to watch more Code Geass. Macross Frontier? More Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei!? I THINK NOT! I’ll tell you what you need to be watching!

Yeah, you guessed it: Golgo 13 TV. (get it from BSSubs here) It’s the only anime out this season that’s for real men. Ignore any problems you might find in silly things like animation or character development, and just accept that Golgo 13 is a cold-blooded, straight-faced killer. Don’t deny it. Put those Naruto and Bleach fansubs down. You WANT to watch the 50-episode Golgo 13 anime this season.

To find out more about the indomitable Golgo 13, read my review of the 1983 anime film or Daryl Surat‘s special on the franchise in the April issue of Otaku USA magazine.

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