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Huge Super Special Awesome Team Fortress 2 Update

Team Fortress 2

Now I don’t know about you, but I heavily enjoyed The Orange Box. I would have written a review if I was on the staff at the time, and I would have rained down merry little sunbeams dancing a happy jig on it. However, I most enjoyed Team Fortress 2, which I have found to be one of the best online multiplayer games ever. I would just like to do a quick update for all the TF2 news that has happened recently.

First off, the new Meet the Team video, “Meet the Scout” was released a few days ago. As promotional work, Valve releases machinima of a character from the game in a short but humorous way. This video is just the latest video based on the Scout, a speedy yet somewhat weak class.

Second, new Medic achievements and skills have been released. There are about 36 new achievements based on the Medic, from getting an Ubercharge before the setup time ends to killing 4 people by Ubercharging a scout. Every 12 achievements unlocked also unlock a new ability for the Medic. The Blutsaugher removes crits from the syringe gun but saps health, the Critzcrieg replaces the Ubercharge by offering 10 seconds of crits, and the Ubersaw that converts hits with the bonesaw to Ubercharge. They have not been released yet.

I’ll keep you updated with any new news as it comes.


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