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GTA IV … leaked?!

Several things on the Internet are fake, and usually just simple musings to entertain, or tickle or tease the community of people who are involved. In this case, the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto IV has been supposedly leaked and exposed by one YouTuber codenamed ‘TonyWarner21,’ by posting a video of GTA IV’s intro. The post was made on April 11th, 2008 which was suspiciously the same day he joined. The user doesn’t appear to have any previous videos, any information about himself. It’s clear his business on YouTube was only to show the introduction of Grand Theft Auto IV to the world — but mystery continues to ensue, and many questions are still unanswered:

  1. How did he obtain this copy?
  2. Is the copy real?
  3. Is he real?

I’m not one to start controversy or conspiracy theories…actually, yes I am, so these are my thoughts on what this may be:

  1. If it were real, there’s only three possible ways, one of which is absolutely ridiculous. a) Rockstar is playing a prank on GTA fans and this all planned. Someone from Rockstar is pranking Rockstar and GTA fans. Or, finally, some punk just stole this copy.
  2. It looks genuine, and unless someone made a exceedingly intricate burned CD that will run a fake intro on the 360 — this could very much be real.
  3. Obviously, he appears to be flesh and bones, though it’s clear that he is trying to keep his identity a secret, which hopefully supports my above theories; note that there is 1 profile found on the Xbox 360 console, but he is logged off of it. Interesting, huh?

One other thing I would like to note: I’m sticking to my theories here, so answer my question: If you had a copy of GTA IV before every other normal non-game industry person, a video camera and the Internet…what would you do? Exactly: gameplay footage. Rockstar has been very, very secretive of gameplay footage, but if this video were genuinely some random dude who scarfed a copy of it, why would he just show us the introduction? Food for thought.

[via YouTube]

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