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Ani-Gamers Podcast #001 – Andy Brick Interview

Oh yes, welcome to the first EVER Ani-Gamers Podcast! The podcast is going to host any bonus audio content that I want to add to the site, including audio reviews, interviews, and debates. This episode contains a brief interview I held with world-renowned video game and film composer Andy Brick. Show notes below.

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[0:00:00] Intro from Ben Schoedel, fearless leader of our partners at C.R.A.Z.Y.O.T.A.K.U.

[0:00:10] An excerpt from Andy’s bonus track from the game Merregnon 2.

[0:01:42] I talk for two minutes about what this here ‘cast is all about. Also, I apparently didn’t realize that we DID talk about Zelda. Whatever.

[0:03:55] The 16-minute interview with Andy Brick. We talk about the differences between composing, orchestrating, and conducting, the music Andy has worked on, his career, and…uh, Rock Band. Yep. I’ll post the full interview transcript eventually (this may mean never).

[0:20:13] This little bit of music is also composed by Andy Brick, but for Sim City Rush Hour.

[0:21:47] Podcast outro. Yeah, you can’t quite digg us until we’re actually on Digg. And iTunes… yeah, still working on that. Till I get it on the main iTunes store, you can subscribe by going under Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast, and typing in


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