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The Onion: Wii Linked To Increase In Sissy Violence

The Onion

Nintendo is once again coming under attack by the Internet community, though this time not for duct-tape related reasons. Satirical news source The Onion reported today that the Wii has faced major criticisms from PAW (Parents Against Wii), who have claimed that the console has caused an increase in “effeminate violence” in their children.

Some gems from the article include…

“The Nintendo company is knowingly exposing our children to disturbing acts of foppishness right in our living rooms,” said Roberts of PAW. “Even more frightening, the motion-sensing technology teaches them that the only way to resolve conflicts is to flail their arms in acts of fruity aggression.”


“The Wii’s fluffy flowers and bright peach-colored sunlight glorify chasing precious talking rabbits with plungers,” Greer said. “What kind of message is that sending to our children? That it’s ‘cool’ to act like some kind of electrical elf or banana fairy?”

Read the full article right here.

[via The Onion]

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