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Two Anime Dub Trailers Released

For those who don’t know, two anime dubs had trailers released. The first is Gurren Lagaan, and the other is Lucky Star. They were given out to the general anime public about two weeks ago, and have been a hot topic for us crazy otakus.

First, the Gurren Lagaan trailer. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, which is actually fitting for the anime. It’s quite funny actually, especially because they advertise the “Gainax Bounce.” For any who don’t know, you should, and it’s the fact that girls in Gainax anime have extra bouncy chests. Sadly no actual voice-acting was shown, so it’s just basically an announcement.

Next, it’s the Lucky Star trailer, which actually has voice-acting. Wendee Lee takes up the voice of Konata, and Kari Walghren is the voice actress of Kagami. The dub is not looking to be as great as Bandai’s previous dub, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but hopes are not crushed just yet. Updates for these two shows will be posted probably 2 weeks later than they were announced.

[via ADV Films,Bandai Entertainment]

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