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Fable 2 Features Revealed

Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios

Seems the time has come again: Peter Molyneux has opened his abnormally thought-filled mind to explain and show his ideas for Fable 2. The announcement was made on February 22nd during GDC 2008, and seems to improve my main complaint with the original game, namely that there are now more than 2 choices: being an angel or being the spawn of Superman 64.

Many of the new features include instilling more compassion for the world around you, such as a family, and rewards for being especially good. Combat will be more MMO-like, implementing single-button fighting and switching weapons on the fly. However, the more gracefully you fight, the more experience is gained. Also, there will be co-op with another human player, with shared experience points. A switch prevents the co-op partner from killing certain things, such as friendly NPCs.

The demo showcased the replacement of the mini-map with a breadcrumb trail, a somewhat questionable decision. It also showed that the player can kill their co-op partner, an unintended feature in the game. There is still same-sex marriage, as in the original, but now protection is optional and same-sex couples may have surrogate parents to have babies. If Molyneux can keep all (or at least most) of his promises, Fable 2 could become a pretty good game.

[via Joystiq]

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