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FUNimation Negotiating Purchase of Geneon's Library

FUNimation to (maybe) eat Geneon's licenses

During an ICv2 conference call with Navarre, parent company of FUNimation, Navarre Corporation CEO Cary Deacon revealed that FUNimation was “in very early stages of negotiations to acquire some of the Geneon library of titles.”

Also mentioned was the “downward pressure on pricing” of newly licensed series due to Geneon’s departure from the industry. (This could conceivably result in lower DVD prices, though there is absolutely no guarantee of that)

Finally, Navarre detailed the earnings of FUNimation, one of the few American anime companies showing a considerable amount of success (primarily due to its Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other important licenses). FUNimation is expected to bring in up to $3.3 million a year from Atari until 2010 through royalty payments on the Dragonball Z license.

[via ICv2]

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