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Dojo Day: Triplets Edition

Yeeeeah Luigi, gettin&#39 all the chicks

Hey there buddy, how ya been?
Today is Saturday, and this is the first time in a while that I’ve posted a Dojo Day article on the correct day.
In case you’re not keeping a running count, I’d like to remind everyone that as of today, Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii releases in exactly 22 days.
I haven’t heard anything yet about playable demos, but if any of you find out about one in your area, be sure to let me know and I’ll put a notice up in this column.
Welcome to Dojo Day.

Discussion Topics

Get that Final Smash!

Everybody else is talking about them, so why not me?
In case you haven’t heard yet, every Brawl character’s Final Smash has been revealed and compiled in a video posted by a guy in Japan.
Most of these are some pretty cool stuff, such as Bowser’s Giga Bowser powerup, Ganondorf’s transformation into Ganon, and Link’s Triforce attack.
The most interesting new addition is Luigi’s Negative Zone, in which the whole color scheme in the center of the stage inverts, and opponents are affected by various status changes (slower speed, damage).
While I don’t know if this is from any particular game, it’s still a pretty cool move.
I’m glad that we’re seeing more variety in the Final Smashes with weird ones like that.

Even so, the ever-present problem of clones appeared in the video so it could maul our serene, Final Smash-driven bliss with boring monotony.
First off, I’ll express my brief happiness that most of the apparent clones (Cpt. Falcon-Ganondorf or Marth-Ike) are actually considerably different, especially in their Final Smashes.
However, there are still two sets of clones, and one of them is a triplet!
Yep, not only is there the Ness-Lucas clone, but Fox, Falco, and Star Wolf are all essentially the same character (excluding speed/damage differences), right down to their Landmaster Tank Final Smash.
I’m quite disappointed in the implementation of these characters, since furries Starfox fans are really only left with one distinct character in the game, albeit cloned into three.
It wouldn’t be that hard to create different Final Smashes for each one, perhaps featuring things like bombing runs or Arwing aerial strikes.

Dojo Topics

Quick Techniques:
Some basic “quick techniques,” most of which are from Melee as well.

  • Hit shield before hitting the ground to jump back up.
  • Shield right as a blow hits to eliminate lag time after shielding.
  • Hit with the same move too many times and it will do less damage.
  • Glancing blows don’t knock your opponents around.
  • You can swim now for a short time.
  • Press the jump button quickly to perform a short jump.
  • Quickly pivot and grab to grab from a long distance.
  • You can eat food while knocked on the ground.
  • After multiple reflections, an attack can become so strong that it breaks the reflector.

Mario Bros.:
This retro stage has solid floors that you can’t jump through as well as occasional Koopa and crab enemies.

Hidden Parts in Stage Builder:
Throughout the game you can acquire new parts for the Stage Builder, such as Ferris wheels, conveyor belts, and springboards.

Yoshi: Special Moves:
Yoshi throws eggs and eats people.
Can you sense my surprise?

Green Hill Zone:
This classic Sonic stage contains the iconic shuttle loop in the background, as well as images of Tails, Knuckles, and Silver riding past.
Plus, the ground can sometimes crumble under your feet.
This stage should be a true treat for fans of the old (with the shuttle loop and crumbling floor) and new (with Knuckles and Silver) Sonic series.


Luigi joins his brother Mario for another Super Smash Bros. game.

This has been a presentation from your local channel 34.
Tune in next week when we will be showing the recent high school debate competition.
If you’d like to contact us and request that we talk about Super Smash Bros. Brawl instead, please email us.
Now we must part for yet another week, dear friends.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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