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American Anime Sales Drop 20%

Mushi-shi wants you to buy it

According to ICv2 Guide #51, North American anime sales took an over 20% drop across the entire market this past year (2007). Furthermore, the amount of new relases went down by 21%, as opposed to the 19% drop in 2006. ICv2 was not able to ascertain the manga sales numbers, but estimates that while manga had another good year in 2007, its growth was noticeably less significant than in 2006.

All of this represents the continuing problems facing the North American anime industry due to–among other things–high DVD prices, low numbers of licenses, and the proliferation of digital media. With the anime industry taking a significant drop (hopefully only temporarily), how will the remaining companies (yes, ADV’s still in the game) hold on to the American anime fandom and increase sales in the coming years? Here’s hoping that the industry bounces back bigger and better than ever in 2008 and 2009!

[via ICv2]

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