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User Review: RF Online (PC)

RF Online

Genre(s): Adventure, FPS, Online, Puzzle

Designer: Unknown

Developer: CCR

Publisher: Codemasters

Console(s): PC (Windows)

Rated: T for Teen

The following article was submitted by Raidon. The opinions expressed below do not represent those of Ani-Gamers or its affiliates.

For any and all online games, pick two of the following:

[-] good

[-] free

[-] MMO

I think you have noticed that it is impossible to have a massively-multiplayer online game that is both good and free from that test.
There are some good games out there, like Penumbra, that you can get for free.
But RF Online is a free MMO, without the good.
Do the math.

First off, you probably found this by Google-searching “Free futuristic MMO”.
You read the rules and stuff.
It looked good. Then you turn on the game.
You have to choose between two species of elves, and one type of robot to play as.
Ok, so they’re unorigional.
Big deal, right? Wrong.

It goes farther than that.
You create your character (and after noticing about 10 mesh interferences on your character model) you go out into the world.
You are given your first weapon, and soon you go out and kill.
The only problem is, this is a futuristic game.
Monsters drop swords, shields, bows, guns, and magic wands.
Now you start to think “what the crap?”
The entire basis of the game is turned inside out.
The combat system is Diablo-meets-Star-Wars-Galaxy, taking the worst from both and combining them into one mesh of pure fail.
And don’t get me started on quests.
Every time you level up you are bombarded by several quests through a radio transmission from your racial leader.
The rate at which they get done and at which you level are slightly off, so you will be doing the same quest along the course of 3 levels, and have others stacked on.
Enemy dynamics are even worse; they have more health than you, and deal more damage if you travel at the same pace as your quests (the enemy monster level is not even shown).
I found myself chugging about 75 superior health potions in the course of half an hour just to stay alive.
The PVP is not much better anyway; high-level players ride around in mobile-suit-like tanks and high-tier armor near the racial spawning point to gain player kills, as well as in mines, where victory leads to the ability to stand in a predetermined area for hours on end mining for ore.
So, overall, RF Online sucks.
It’s a good time waster, but you have better things to do with your life, right?

It’s another mass-produced Korean MMO.
They don’t know what the market wants.
Don’t look forward to this one.


(1.0 stars)
Lasting Appeal:

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