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Dojo Day: Incredible Helium Edition


Check out that amazing atom right there.
That, my friends, is Helium.
It does a lot of incredible things, among them blowing up party balloons, keeping blimps afloat, and making your voice really high while simultaneously killing your brain cells.
But most importantly, it heals people in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Unless, of course, under some rare circumstance, that is actually not Helium.
There’s no way.
Sakurai, you silly little trickster.
Welcome to Dojo Day.

Co-op Events: This time, you can force your unwilling girlfriend to play co-op Event matches with you.
(It only accepts up to 2 players)
The events, however, are from a separate selection designed specifically for Co-op mode.
Additionally, Target Smash can be played cooperatively.

Frigate Orpheon: Finally, a Metroid Prime level.
This one is the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon, the setting of the opening scenes of Metroid Prime.
The Parasite Queen lies in wait in the back, while the dark and futuristic stage sporadically flips upside down!

Mother-Porky’s Theme: The epic theme song of the evil leader Porky from Mother 3 is pretty entertaining.
With a heavy drum beat and horn part, the song easily fits in with the other classic themes in the game.

Team Healer: This shiny little ball of helium is an item that, when thrown at another player, heals them instantly.
It adds an interesting level of strategy, however, since it can heal either friends or foes.
Expect obsessed teenagers everywhere to hate this “n00bish” item with a fury only equaled by their hate for the corrupting effect of sunlight on their pasty skin.

Kirby-Special Moves: Spoiler Alert: Kirby suck in enemies and absorbs their abilities.
This simple post has a large gallery of the new looks for Kirby when he absorbs said abilities.

Subspace Emissary Movie: This promotional video for Subspace Emissary Mode looks and sounds nice, but does nothing to convince me that this new mode will be any better than the previous story modes.
As a matter of fact, the new footage includes quite a lot of actual gameplay, and it actually looks startlingly similar to previous story modes.
Seriously, don’t get your hopes up for the Emissary.

This week’s announcements were rather unimportant, but no less interesting.
Frigate Orpheon is a great breath of fresh air after all of these damn old Metroid levels.
I’ve been itching for a Prime stage since the game was first released.
(Now all we need is something more specifically from a place like Tallon IV or Aether)

Team Healer is a pretty cool concept for an item, and I am loving the design.
On the other side of the coin, though, I have no idea how people will keep track of all of these shiny ball and things.
(Sticky Bomb, Smash Ball, etc.)
“There, I healed you. Crap, never mind. You just got stuck!”

Well, this will be the last Dojo Day before Christmas, and I am actually putting up Christmas lights with my family as I speak.
For all of our Dojo Day readers (you know, both of you), please have a safe, happy holiday season, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, sulking about the annoying Christmas songs, or just having a nice Festivus meal.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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