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Dojo Day: Happy Rainbow Dragon Edition


The Dragoon is an amazing creature.
It flies the across the world, using its patented rainbow jets to move at supersonic speed.
And when it passes little villages, it spreads joy and funtime to all the children.
It’s sort of like… Santa Clause.
Yeah, Santa Clause.

Whatever, welcome to Dojo Day.

Overalls Wario: YES! It seems that the guys at HAL pulled a fast one on me when Sakurai mentioned color changes.
At least in the case of Wario, there is a complete costume change to the original Wario look, instead of just a color change.
You can either play as the denim-jacket-wearing WarioWare version or the yellow-and-purple overalls Wario.
Hopefully this trend will continue to characters such as Samus, who would greatly benefit from things like the Dark Suit.

Sonic-Final Smash: Chaos Emeralds swarm around Sonic, and he turns Super-Sayian into “Super Sonic.”
With power that is clearly over nine thousand, he can fly around the stage damaging anyone he touches, but he is very hard to control.

Sonic The Hedgehog-Angel Island Zone: I love old video game music, but this stuff doesn’t really pique my interest very much.
Never being much of a Sonic fan, I find this relatively unchanged old song from Sonic 3 interesting, but not particularly exciting.

Trophy Stands: Trophies of enemies in Subspace Emissary mode are not just acquired automatically–they must be “caught” using trophy stands.
If you are carrying a trophy stand, you can throw it at a damaged enemy or boss to capture them Pokemon-style.
Since bosses will be hard to catch, they will be replayable after you beat them.

Coin Launcher: Instead of using a lottery system, trophies will now move in front of you in classic Galaga fashion, and as a stationary launcher, you will have to shoot coins at the moving trophies.
If you hit multiple trophies in formation, you will gain stickers and other bonuses, and if a missile hits you, you will lose coins.
This sounds like a pretty cool secondary mode for the game that you could play in your spare time, but I doubt it will keep anyone particularly interested when there are Brawls to be had.

Dragoon: Players can collect three parts of Kirby’s Air Ride’s Dragoon (head, body, and tail), and when they collect each part, it is shown next to their character’s picture at the bottom.
If you are hit hard by an enemy, or you die, you will lose your parts.
When the three parts are finally brought together by a single person, they form Voltron the Dragoon, which can do more than simply be a rainbow-colored Santa wannabe.
The player aims their shot, and then flies forward at their enemies atop the Dragoon, essentially causing a one-hit-KO.

Share: This is generally just a technical overview of the sharing features we already heard about.
The ability to send and receive content from online is called the “Smash Service,” and must be turned on in the options.
Content sent anonymously through Nintendo is deleted and replaced periodically, but content from your friends must be managed by you, either by placing it on an SD card or by deleting it.
Another simple but awesome feature is the ability to send content to multiple friends at the same time.
It’s so brilliant!
Wii firmware, why didn’t you think of that?

And that concludes this week’s edition of Dojo Day!
Why such a short conclusion you ask?
Well, if you had Super Mario Galaxy, BioShock,and a Spiral boxset to finish before the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and you were the writer of a column for AniGamers, you’d probably want to end quick too.
Oh, but I guess you’re not.
Too bad.

And of course, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Have fun, drive safely, and feel free to post in our comments section while nursing your New Year’s hangover.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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