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Sevakis: “Open Letter to the Industry”

Pirates be comin' up on all sides, matey!

Yesterday, well-respected ANN founder (and recently appointed “New Media Director”) Justin Sevakis published a long and detailed “Open Letter to the Industry” in which he went over the current problems with the anime industry, and how to fix them.

Fansubs were of course a major concern, though Sevakis boldly suggests that the damage caused by fansubs is in fact because of faulty industry reactions (or lack thereof) to the dangers posed by fansubs. The industry, claims Sevakis, has been far too laissez-faire in its treatment of fansubbing, and what worked 10 years ago will not work anymore.

One of Justin’s most interesting points is his suggestion that downloading fansubs is like taking iPhones that Apple left on the street, with only a simple “Please do not take these” sign up. The article is an absolute must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in fansubs or the state of the anime industry. Without taking the obvious routes used by most sides in the fansub debate, Sevakis has pinned down where the real problem lies, and provides us with a clear and cutting view of what’s wrong, and what needs to change.

[via Anime News Network]

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