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Dojo Day: Team Rocket Edition

Prepare for trouble! Make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Vampt Vo! Oracle! Dojo Day, blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! MEEEOWTH That’s right!

New Pork City: More Mother 3? Oh baby! This stage looks incredible. With the familiar gimmicks and moving platforms from stages like Rainbow Cruise, New Pork City at first seems like a generic and unintersting stage. However, it’s much more massive than it originally looks. (It might even be bigger than Hyrule Castle) A huge stage like that should be a lot of fun.

STADIUM: Home-Run Contest: Ready to beat another helpless Sandbag as he tries in vain to scream for help? This time, the infamously addicting Home-Run Contest has a shield that will stop weak shots from knocking the sandbag off the platform, hence ending the ultimate bane of Home-Run Contest addicts. Plus, it is playable with two players in both alternating and tag-team mode. And just to add to the craziness, both of these modes can be played online.

How to use the Wii Remote: The mysterious Wiimote control scheme is finally unveiled in this post. The 2 button attacks, 1 button does special moves, and the d-pad moves, as expected. However, the strange parts come in with the other buttons. The A button is used for taunts, the B trigger is for shields and doding (before you whip out your Wiimotes to test, I already tried and its not as awkward as it seems), and either the – button or shield+attack will grab. Also, to pick up a Smash Ball, just hit it. Then, to activate your Final Smash, simply press 1. Finally, at E for All, the game will be playable with the Wiimote. I assume, since Nintendo wants to bring in casual gamers, that will be the only option there.

Meowth: This classic Pokemon returns at long last from the original Smash Bros., complete with his coin-shooting move “Pay Day.”

Little Mac: This retro stuff is pretty sweet. Little Mac from the classic Nintendo arcade game Punch-Out! is an Assist Trophy, and (predictably) runs around punching people. Punch-Out Wii? Come on Nintendo, you know you want to make it!

Peach-Final Smash: A Peach-themed frame descends around the screen, and Peach starts dancing. Everyone falls asleep, and health-regenerating peaches fall into the stage. Peach can then attack her enemies or eat the peaches.

Of course, the big news for this week is the new Home-Run Contest modes. The online component is somewhat misleading though. If Nintendo is going to give us online modes for everything from the Home-Run Contest to the Subspace Emissary, why would they cripple the online battle mode? Here’s hoping that part of the reason for the game’s delay is that it is having a more robust online mode added to it.

I also heard a bit of talk over at AnimeLeague that Peach’s Final Smash causes a bit of a conflict with Jigglypuff. You see, if Peach has a sleep-based Final Smash, then what does Jigglypuff have? Hopefully we’ll see something else, like perhaps a Pokemon attack not yet seen in Smash Bros. While I’m disappointed by the lack of waggle in the Wiimote control scheme, people shouldn’t get too riled about it. After all, not every game can have motion controls. Some games simply work better with plain old gaming controls. Even so, the inclusion of an awkward Wiimote control scheme like that is annoying. No serious gamer will play with it, so it seems to just be a way to advertise the game to casual consumers.

Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaaaaainnn… *Bwink*

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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