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Dojo Day: Super-Speed Edition

Sonic vs. Mario

Again, I am sorry about the lateness, but hopefully it will make up for it with the content released this week. This week is so big, we had two staff members comment on some of the new information! Welcome to this shocking Dojo Day, full of revelations and disappointments.

(Note from Vampt Vo: We kind of posted our articles at the same time, so I have included my version of the article, titled TBD Edition, on a page back in our Articles Section)

Zero Suit Samus-Special Moves: Zero Suit Samus’ standard smash attack is called a paralyzer. She shoots a blast from her gun, stunning her opponent. This attack is chargeable, and the more you charge it up, you can strike with additional attacks when you stun your foe. In her side smash attack, Samus utilizes her plasma whip. She can send the whip flying at enemies in different directions. This last attack can also be used as a way of recovering from a fall.

Wario Ware-Ashley’s Theme: This rather annoying musical number will probably be one of the many themes played in the Wario Ware stage.

Kirby-Final Smash: Finally, the specifics of Kirby’s final smash has been revealed. Ever since the trailer from November 2006, fans have wondered what actually occurs when Kirby pulls off his move, Cook Kirby. First, he puts on his good ‘ol chef hat and whips out his giant pot. Then, he smashes a spatula and a pot together, gathering enemies within his pot. He then begins to stir the ingredients together, and items from the Kirby game begin to pop out, followed by the damaged characters.

Nintendo Conference Fall 2007 Movie: Here we go, another movie. Nothing really new, but interesting to say the least. Besides gameplay footage, we also see Kyogre and Torchic are revealed as Pokemon that can appear out of Pokeballs. Kyogre flies onto the battlefield, blasting water at the fighters, while Torchic simply ignites on fire, but then jumps around the stage! Snorlax is also set to make a re-appearance. Lakitu looks like he will be an assist trophy, dropping Spinies onto the brawl-field. Also, it should be noted that Lucas may not be a clone of Ness, as one of his attacks was a move that sent a psychic hexagon upward, somewhat different from a typical Ness move.

Sonic: The long-awaited arrival of SEGA’s mascot has finally been revealed, as mentioned in a previous post.

Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Brawl!- This is just a video showing Sonic and some of his gameplay dynamics. Sonic is now the fastest character in the game, but by the looks of things, his speed may be quite difficult to control. Also, the music playing in the background is Sonic’s theme, and may be the music in a Sonic-based stage. We can see some of his smash moves, and the ending of the video even hints at Super Sonic making an appearance as his Final Smash move.

Sonic: Special Moves- Sonic’s side smash move is Spin Dash, which he can curl into a ball and zip all over the screen. His down smash move is called a Spin Charge, which he can use to charge up his Spin Dash to make him even faster! However, his up smash move is by far the most interesting. It is called Spring Jump, which involves a typical Sonic-spring appearing under Sonic and flying him high into the air. The spring even stays on the stage for other characters to use. I’m guessing that the first one disappears when Sonic uses the move again. What happens when Sonic is off the ground and uses it? Will it appear and stay in midair?

Taking Snapshots- This is pretty interesting. Whenever you pause the game, you have the ability of adjusting the angle and zoom, and then taking and storing a snapshot.

New Launch and E for All- Unfortunately, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl release date has been pushed back. In North America, the game comes out on February 10th. Also, for the E for All event in Los Angeles on October 18th, the Nintendo booth will have a playable demo for the game, but with strict limitations of course.

This week was amazing, especially due to the cataclysmic revelation of Sonic as a playable character. IGN believes that Tails, his companion, may also be a playable character, but I find that too risky. He might make a nice assist trophy though. What do you think? Due to my love of Sonic, he will be my first character to play as when I get the game, followed by Pit and Lucas.

Asides from Sonic, we also had a lot of good news, along with disappointing news. Samus and Kirby had some moves revealed, which are interesting, but were expected. The snapshots are more interesting this time around, since in Melee they were hard to use and manage.

The video was nice, but there was not a lot of interesting stuff in it. If I missed any important information in the movie above, please comment. ^_^

The delay of the release date by about two months was a downer for most gamers. The dream of adding the game to their Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/Whatever list has now been flushed down the Nintendo drain. But, on the plus side, this gives the creators extra time to work out the tweaks and add last minute stuff to the game.

Well that’s all for now folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow, when I will post a special Dojo Day blog concerning the Nintendo Conference.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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