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Design an ARG to Support Cancer Research

Let's Change the Game Logo
ARGs, or Alternate Reality Games, are large-scale games that use mass media such as the internet and newspapers to relay game information to players, who must discover clues and solve riddles to proceed. Their fans are often very dedicated and they place large amounts of time, money, and attention into them. With Let’s Change the Game, though, some developers are trying to turn this rabid fanbase to help support the important work done by Cancer Research UK.

At their site, you can send a 500-word proposal for a new ARG. The winning teams receive £1300 ($2600) and all of the resources of Cancer Research UK to develop their ARG. The people at Let’s Change the Game claim that these resources “could result in one of the biggest ARGs, ever.”

Those interested can form a team and send in their proposal at Let’s Change the Game. I’m loving the idea of playing in an ARG that allows each of us to have an impact on the important work of researching cancer. People talk about creating games with real-world messages, but they should look no further than this very ARG.

[via Joystiq]

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