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Dojo Day: Superspicy Edition

Superspicy Curry

Darnit, late again! Due to some problematic circumstances, (I was away for the weekend and The_Oracle never found out that he had to write this weekend’s article) this Dojo Day article is being brought to you late. But it’s okay, because on this week’s show, we’ve got Japanese food! Superspicy Japanese food! And disembodied polygonal faces that suck in said superspicy food! Welcome to Dojo Day.

Superspicy Curry: Well, it’s curry. And it’s really spicy. And it makes the character who eats it spew fire randomly out of their mouth, though they can still move and attack as the flames are launched. Evidently, this item comes from the Kirby games.

Four Special Move Types: Basic Smash Bros. info. They do throw us Meta Knight’s specials, though: Mach Tornado (B, and it seems like a move where slides around the screen), Triple Dash (Side-B, and it’s a dashing attack move), Shuttle Loop (Up-B, and it’s a basic jumping slash), and Dimensional Cape (Down-B, and it deflects attacks).

Andross: The main villain of the Starfox games appears as an Assist Trophy, in classic polygonal style. He floats to the back of the screen, sucking in square panels that cause damage if they hit characters.

Pokemon Trainer-Special Moves: Two moves for each Pokemon are revealed, most interestingly Squirtle’s Up-B Waterfall, and Ivysaur’s Up-B Vine Whip.

Gliding: It seems that Pit, Charizard, and Meta-Knight can all glide by holding the jump button, as Peach did in Melee.

WarioWare: The main battle area is an elevator in classic WarioWare style. The stage will randomly change to different WarioWare minigames, and the characters will have to evade things like raindrops, hammers, and falling arrows.

We had some quite cool announcements this week. Andross is a very cool blast from the past, and should hopefully be one of the many things that bring in older gamers who have recently drifted from Smash Bros. The gliding abilities of Pit Charizard, and Meta-Knight should prove to be interesting strategic elements. In the I-told-you-so category, WarioWare as a stage is something I’ve been predicting since Wario was announced back at last year’s E3. The stage looks crazy and unique, and continues the now-obvious trend of dynamic stages. It is undoubtedly one of my most anticipated stages in the game. And, as for Superspicy Curry… well, that’s just a weird and somewhat out of place item. (not to mention strange for non-asian players) However, there is the likely possibility of the Mint Leaf from Kirby getting into the game as well. It would serve as the oposite of the curry, causing characters to spit ice.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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