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Dojo Day: Gigantic Goddess Diety Edition


Again, another week of information for Super Smash Bros. Brawl goes by. This week wasn’t as exciting as the previous, but it was still an interesting week with announcements like a giant sized Goddess sending down tons of midget cupids, a badge that says Mother, and a ball that will make you die of lung cancer before the age of thirty. In other words, welcome to the craziness of announcements that is Dojo Day.

Smoke Ball: This item is interesting because its use is based solely on fun. When you throw one of these items, clouds of colorful smoke appears around the stage, shielding the view of most of the level.

Ike: Special Moves: Here we finally see his “Aether” move. When Ike initiates this move, he throws his sword into the air, jumps to catch it, and then plunges down in a straight slash. His standard smash attack is called “Explosion.” This move is similar to Marth’s and Roy’s, but this time Ike seems to stab his sword into the ground to create a tiny explosion around him.

Kid Icarus: The Underworld: The Kid Icarus theme has been remastered and recreated for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game.

Pit: Final Smash: Now, this one is interesting. It’s called “Palutena’s Army” and Palutena emerges in the background of the stage as Pit summons the flying Centurions, divebombing the screen and attacking all the characters. Pit seems to be invincible during this attack, but don’t mark my word.

Franklin Badge: This badge, from the game Earthbound, makes you invincible form projectiles for a limited time when you pick it up and put it on.

Overall this week was fine. The two items introduced look really cool and I can’t wait to use them in the game. And Pit’s Final Smash move looks awesome, and I guess we can quit dreaming about Palutena being a playable character. However, I think Ike’s moveset is way too similar to Marth’s and Kirby’s. Hopefully his other smash moves will be better. Let’s hope for a good week next week!

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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