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Dojo Day: “Finally a New Character” Edition

Compared to last week, the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl information was better, but it the end there was only one real surprise. Finally a new character has been revealed on the Super Smash Bros. website, and many Fire Emblem fans, particularly the ones who enjoyed the Gamecube game, “Path of Radiance,” were excited with the arrival of this new character. Welcome to Dojo Day, where I, The Oracle, will be replacing Vampt Vo because he is on vaction, revealing and discussing this weeks news on the upcoming Wii game.

Donkey Kong: Final Smash: When Donkey Kong manages to get his hands on a smash orb, he whips out the DK Bongos and starts playing tunes Jungle Beat style. This move is called Konga Beat and as Donkey Kong beats the bongos and claps his hands for a limited time, it seems to have the same effect on the players as his down smash move, which causes them to lose control of their characters who start flailing all over the ground.

Pitfall: Ah yes, another interesting Animal Crossing reference in the game. Almost makes you wonder if an Animal Crossing character may be in the game. 😉 Anyway this item does just about the same thing it did in the Animal Crossing games, Anyone who touches the planted item, immedietly becomes stuck in a pitfall in the ground. An interesting twist is when the pitfall is “planted” on a platform. Then the character falls through the hole and becomes stuck dangling from that platform.

Ike: A new character has been revealed, and he is from the Fire Emblem fame. He weilds a strong sword and one of his moves is called “Aether” from the game “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.”

Castle Seige: This stage is a random, unnamed castle from Fire Emblem which is under attack in the midst of a Brawl. The fight takes place on the castle walls, and as the castle continues to be bombarded, the walls crumble and the fight resumes within the castle. The statues inside can be destroyed by characters and as the castle becomes further damaged, the fight goes underground to an unrevealed location.

What is the Subspace Emmisary?: Well, this is the name of the one-player adventure mode which includes a side-scrolling action quest with a self-proclaimed better storyline than its Smash Bros. predecessors. It has been said to show development in each of the playable characters, have cinematic scenes, and introduce new characters from series that are not active in multi-player modes.

Overall, this week was pretty interesting. I thought Donkey Kong’s final smash could have been cooler, since the DK Bongo games weren’t the biggest Gamecube hit. Ike looks cool in 3-D and on the Brawl field and it was nice to finally see a new character. The adventure mode looks actually interesting and I can’t wait for more information regarding it. P.S. If you look at one of Pit’s scrrenshots from one of the cinematic scenes in Adventure mode, you can see the side of Palutena’s (the Goddess of Light from Kid Icarus) back. P.P.S. Notice how Smashville and the Pitfall item both have the Animal Crossing simbol next to their names. Also notice how stages, items, and assist trophies (Dr. Wright in particular) who don’t have major characters in the game, have the general Super Smash Bros. logo next to their names. This may hint at a possible Animal Crossing playable character or an assist trophy. Of course, this is pure speculation, but it’s something to keep in mind.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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