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Wii Fit! Moar Minigames!

Reggie's fat in Wii Fit

As you can see, Reggie Fils-Aime is being told that he is overweight by his Wii. In Nintendo’s final segment of their press conference, Reggie and Miyamoto announced “Wii Fit,” a game which follows the “active-play” style of Wii Sports. This time, though, the game is all about fitness, and monitoring your health. From excersises to sports to games, Wii Fit intends to get you into shape, you lazy, Cheetos-munching nerd. The game also comes packaged with the “Wii Balance Board,” a pressure sensitive two-panel board that will be able to sense the weight each of your feet puts on it. (that is assuming that you don’t have three feet of course)

Though this seems like just another minigames title by Nintendo, all fanboys’ fears were put to rest when Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that this was the game he was looking forward to the most. For shots of the press conference, game, and Balance Board, check out Joystiq, which has a very respectable gallery of them.

[via Joystiq]

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