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Funimation Takes Blu-Ray, Bandai HD-DVD, Geneon Unsure

Blu Ray Disc

IGN posted an article in their DVD section outlining the plans for high-def DVD formats in anime companies.
In the first part of the special, they speak to FUNimation, Bandai, and Geneon about what format they plan to support, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.

FUNimation’s Senior VP of Sales and Operations, Ward Thomas, explained that FUNi has currently chosen Blu-Ray as their format. This is partially influenced by the more interactive functions of the format, but is also rooted in their fans being “very much trailblazers on the technology side.” The use of Blu-Ray in the PS3 also prompted the decision. Finally, Blockbuster, who FUNi has a retail deal with, has also decided to support Sony’s disc, further reinforcing FUNimation’s decision. Thomas also hinted that Comic-Con was coming up soon, and FUNimation might reveal information about their Blu-Ray releases at the con.

Bandai, on the other hand, released their first in a string of HD-DVD anime releases a few weeks ago, the 6-episode OAV “Freedom.” They plan on following this up with an ever-growing lineup of HD releases, including classics like “Wings of Honneamise” and “Patlabor.”

Finally, Geneon has not yet determined the direction they will move with their high-def anime releases. As Chad Kime, Manager, Marketing and Corporate Planning for Geneon tells IGN, “Plans for high-def are on hold. We are waiting for the consumer demand to be high enough to make anime high-def profitable.”

[via IGN]

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