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Dojo Day: Overworked Edition

Bowser's Final Smash: Giga Bowser

Wait, what? I missed 3 weeks of Dojo news? Oh yeah. Italy, then AnimeNEXT, then E3. Finally, with some free time on my hands, I’m bringing you all of the Super Smash Bros. Dojo news you may have missed! (They’re gonna be a lot shorter than usual, and some will be mixed together and condensed, since there’s so many of them)

Zelda: Shows the Princess in her new Twilight Princess outfit. No Shiek confirmed.

Banana Peel: The Mario Kart classic. Makes characters slip, and hints at a possible Mario Kart stage.

Names: Names now entered cellphone-style. Each name corresponds to a custom button configuration. Might be possible to save name and button config. to Wiimote.

Wario’s Special Moves: Wario’s side attack involves him jumping on a motorcycle and riding back and forth. His down one is the “Wario Waft,” where he lets out a, well, a fart that varies in strength depending on how long you go without using it.

Assist Trophies: Items that, when used, summon a minor, nonplayable character to temporarily aid you. These include Hammer Bros., Samurai Goroh from F-Zero, Dr. Wright from SimCity, and even a giant Nintendog. This sounds like a very interesting way to include new characters that are not important enough to be playable.

Bowser: Confirmed, and with a slightly more evil look. His Final Smash turns him into the infamous Giga Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Melee for a short time.

Bridge of Eldin: Huge stone bridge from Twilight Princess makes an appearance as a playable stage. Moblin leader and his trusty steed, King Bulblin and Lord Bullbo, ride by occasionally to bomb and destroy the center of the otherwise flat stage. Midna later appears to return the missing piece.

Standard Combos: Now, holding the attack button will make you do rapid weak attacks.

Bumper: The bumper from the original Smash Bros. makes its long-awaited reappearance. It can now be set in midair.

Donkey Kong: Confirmed, and cooler looking.

15-Second Movie Presentation: Video of–apparently–compiled gameplay footage. Pretty cool looking. Mentions the game’s release date of December 3, 2007.

Smashville: Animal Crossing stage that runs in real-time, with seasons, time of day, and such taken from the Wii’s internal clock. Also includes features like KK Slider playing a concert at his usual Saturday at 8 time.

My favorite announcements of the bunch are definitely the Bridge of Eldin, Smashville, and Assist Trophies. The bridge was just a great choice of location and dynamics, and will make a great battleground. Smashville will be a ton of fun for us Animal Crossing fans, and the whole real-time thing promises to make it very interesting. Finally, Assist Trophies are not only cool ways to include characters, but the inclusion of Dr. Wright moves us even closer to gaining a large amount of third-party characters in the game. Make sure to keep checking our blog for all of your Smash. Bros. Dojo news.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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