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Dojo Day: ??? Edition


Go ahead. Check out that latest post on Smash Bros. Dojo. Now tell me that’s not the weirdest thing since 4chan. What the hell is that thing that pops up to fight Mario, and why does Mario look like a gritty action hero? Anyway, welcome to Dojo Day.

Deoxys: New Pokemon (comes out of an item, not a character). Deoxys floats up to the top of the screen, and then shoots a Hyper Beam straight down at the ground. Meanwhile, Vampt Vo feels old for not knowing what Deoxys is, having only played up to Silver in Pokemon.

Samus: Final Smash: Yes, Samus’ Final Smash is none other than a freakin’ huge arm cannon blast. Covering nearly half the screen, the attack is devastating, but also takes a toll on Samus. Her Power Suit falls off, leaving only her “Zero Suit” left. Then, Samus can actually pick up and throw the pieces of her suit that fell off.

Zero Suit Samus: Yes, this is fanservice, in a Super Smash Bros. game. Getting past that, she’s got an energy whip. Uh…yep.

This World…: Now this is just plain weird. Apparently, there is a story game mode. It goes something like this: In “this world,” trophies come to life and fight to turn other characters back into trophies. But when some enemy (Assumed to have something to do with Meta-Knight) disrupts these “rules,” the “world will pay a terrible price.”

Most of this week’s announcements were general stuff. The Final Smash/Zero Suit thing for Samus was a pretty cool surprise, though. “This World…” on the other hand… Well, that’s too strange for me. It sounds like it is most likely a story mode, but right now it’s so cryptic that I can’t really make sense of it. My current guess is that it’ll be something similar to the Melee story mode, but may have some form of leveling up or something, since that was mentioned in an interview a while ago.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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