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Dojo Day: Crates and Barrel Rolls

Crates and Barrel Rolls

Well, it was a slow news week in the Super Smash Bros. Dojo, but here’s what we’ve got.

Fox: We just get official confirmation of Fox and some purty pictures here. Also, Fox has a scouter, and his power level is over nine-thousand.

Yoshi’s Island: This confirms the pastel-colored Yoshi’s island stage as seen in the trailer. The interesting addition is its ability to change seasons, even placing snow on the ground in winter. It seems that Sakurai really wants to go for some dynamic stages this time, what with the time-change in Battlefield, seasonal changes here, and moving platform in Delfino.

Metroid: Boss Battle Music
(Ridley Fight):
Some cool Metroid background music. Nothing much, but its worth a listen.

Crates and Barrels: It’s a basic explanation of the amazing crates and barrels–okay, well there actually is some cool info in here. Crates and barrels will change to fit the stage, looking robotic in sci-fi stages, like presents in cartoony levels, etc. Also, there will be rolling boxes that can slid away when you least expect it.

Samus: Nothing much here but Samus. No mention of Zero Suit yet.

Well, like I said, this wasn’t a big news week for Smash Bros. However, I’m very interested in Yoshi’s Island and the new crates and barrels. Yoshi’s Island looks quite cool, as it goes comically overboard in getting the whimsical feeling right. Of course, it also signals that every stage may have a dynamic like time or seasonal change. Also, when talking about Samus, Sakurai breifly says, “Her arm cannon is equipped with a variety of weapons.
Mastering all of them is the first step toward victory.” To me, this seems like a possible confirmation of some new weapons for Samus, most likely from the Prime games. Wave beam anyone?

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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