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Dojo Day: Big Red Arrow

Big Red Arrow

Masahiro Sakurai, who is apparently the world’s greatest genius since Einstein, has decided that we are such inferior organisms that we somehow must have things pointed out to us in BIG RED ARROWS for us to understand. Yeah, well you know what, you pompous Japanese game developer? You can take that arrow back, because I don’t need your help to see that this picture is clearly pointing out Fox’s amazing dance skills. Welcome to Dojo Day.

Link: Final Smash: Link’s Final Smash, as seen in the trailer, consists of a glowing triforce that encloses the enemy, allowing Link to repeatedly slash them.

Pikachu: Final Smash: As the first new Final Smash, Pikachu turns into a large ball of electricity, and the player is given the ability to control the ball’s high-speed flight through the air until time runs out.

Wario: Just a confirmation of Wario… and a mysterious little comment about Wario’s fighting style being “new” and one that “other characters cannot even see.”

Fox: Special Moves: You see that? That’s his reflector with the big red arrow pointing at it. Explains the reflector and blaster. Also, there’s a new blaster design.

Lylat Cruise: It’s a new stage, and this one is the place we saw briefly in the trailer. You will fight on platforms attached to the back of a spaceship called the Pleiades. (Have fun pronouncing that) The ship will speed through the Lylat System from StarFox, with some very cool looking scenes and battles occuring in the background.

This week provided some interesting additions to our bank of Brawl knowledge. Pikachu’s Final Smash is interesting, but I’m finding it hard to see how the developers can balance these Final Smashes so that one character is not stronger than another. Sakurai’s cryptic sentence about Wario’s fighting style and mention of the “WarioWare costume” leads me to believe that we may see WarioWare related attacks in the game. Lylat Cruise looks cool, but I was very much expecting something more original. We are seeing lots of very good-looking new stages, but most of them seem to be the same thing with a different theme. This stage is essentially Delfino Plaza, with the whole fly-around-the-area thing. The developers have to decide on where they want a stage to take place, and stick to it. This dynamic, stage-changing business seems really indecisive.

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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