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Dojo Day: Super Garlic!


Today’s wonderful edition of Dojo Day is being released on a Sunday, and a busy one for me, at that.
I was sick for two days earlier this week, and ended up missing a few days of posting on AniGamers.
So, to make up for it, here you have a Dojo Day article on the previously unpostable Sunday.
(Admittedly, the article is a day late)
And looky here, tomorrow is the release date of Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
Oh, waaaaait…
Yeah, it turns out that the game is actually coming out on February 10!
Darn you, Nintendo, you tricksters.
As you lament the non-release of your favorite new game in true nerd shame, take solace in this article, into which I poured lots of otherwise useful time, a fair bit of effort, and–some claim–my soul.

Controls: After typing in a name, you can set your control scheme for any of the four different possible control schemes in the game.
For each one, every single button in customizable, but you can also set things like the ability to tap up to jump, and the ability to swing the Wiimote to perform a smash attack.

Donkey Kong (Music): Longtime Nintendo composer Hirokazu Tanaka returns to create a really fun composition that combines retro sounds with some very nice mixing effects.

Widescreen Support: Brawl plays in widescreen.
This megaton announcement is just overwhelming.
Someone stop it, it’s just too unexpected.

Wario-Final Smash: Wario eats a clove of garlic, and turns into the infamous Wario-Man.
Using his superpowers (and ridiculously stupid costume), Wario-Man runs around the screen, using superpowered versions of Wario’s normal moves.
(Some midair moves even make him fly)
However, if he uses his motorcycle, it will often be too fast for the player to control.

Events: Themed event matches are back, and they have three levels of difficulty.
Some cool new events include:
-Two Trouble Kings – You play as Mario against Bowser and Dedede in Delfino
-Pink Ball Repulsion – As Meta Knight, you defend the Battleship Halberd from Kirby
-Cleaning House in Skyworld – Pit breaks all the terrain in Skyworld, and Wario both helps and gets in the way
-Dark Link Duel – Obviously, fight as Link against Dark Link (On the Bridge of Eldin)

Melee Stages: Some stages from Melee, including the ever-popular Hyrule Temple, have been included with some minor changes in Brawl.
Also, in addition to the original music, there have been new tracks added, like a cool remix to the original Hyrule Temple music from the ill-received Zelda II.

Dammit, this week was dead boring.
I had to friggin’ title this thing “Super Garlic” for crying out loud!
Some of the music was cool, but nearly everything was a confirmation of what we already knew or guessed.
Whatever. It’s midnight, and I’m tired.
Now that I’ve knocked down the fourth wall with a bulldozer, I might as well be signing off.
See you all next week, when we will discuss how we got a demo version of Brawl free from Nintendo due to our great column that everybody reads.
(This may or may not be a complete and utter fabrication)

[via Smash Bros. Dojo]

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