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Vote for Us in the Aniblog Tourney! (For Real This Time)


Well, our grand entrance into the 2012 Aniblog Tourney didn't quite go as planned, in large part because I was busy dealing with real-world things as our poll launched. (We hosted manga artist Rica Takashima for an event at my university, and I was in charge of organizing the whole thing!) Now that things have settled down, however, I'd like to remind everybody to head on over to the poll and vote for Ani-Gamers! As of this writing, we're losing to Beneath the Tangles by a pretty wide margin.

More importantly, however, there hasn't been a lot of discussion or feedback yet. Though I find the competitive aspect of the Aniblog Tourney a little inappropriate — it tends to select for features that I think are not so important, like site design — getting feedback about our blog and others is really useful. So please, leave us some feedback either here or on the comments for the poll itself. Even if we lose, I'd like to know what people think could be better about Ani-Gamers.

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