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Oldtaku no Radio # 033 – Keijo!!!!!!!!

Get ready for Jojo’s Bustzarre Assventures as Jared and Ink talk about the 2016 sports parody Keijo!!!!!!!! by Xebec with special guest Basil from OSMcast. This shonen anime, which adapts a portion of Daichi Sorayomi’s manga (alt title: Hip Whip Girl), centers around a fictional sport wherein girls in bathing suits do battle atop different floating stages in a pool using nothing except for their butts and boobs. Don’t worry; we haven’t dove off the deep end – there’s quite a bit to muse on and laugh about regarding this amusing series. Listen and find out! Keijo!!!!!!!! can be streamed legally on Crunchyroll

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Runtime: 1 hr, 17 min

Show Notes

  • Opening Song: "Transmission" by Cop Shoot Cop X Sending Radio Messages (Principles of Radio - Part One)
  • 0:00:00 – We dive right into Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • 0:47:30 – Questions!!!!!!!!
  • 1:06:00 – Plugs!!!!!!!!
  • 1:11:45 – A new challenger has appeared!!!!!!!
  • Ending Song:  “Blues Machine” by Scott Gratton
  • Ending Song:  “La Mode" by Les Sans Culottes

  • All attacks in order (YouTube)
  • Listen to OSMcast!
  • Ink’s OUSA review
  • Taiiku Keijo!!!!!!!! episode
  • Taiiku Keijo!!!!!!!! OVA episode
  • Rumors about poor sales/streaming numbers were false. (inquisitr)
  • Inspired real-life Keijo!!!!!!!! in Portugal. (goboiano)

  • OnR Sticker logo by AJ Martinson (@ajmartinsson) of Black Market Eagle
  • Twitter: Ani-Gamers, Oldtaku no Radio, OSMcastInk, Jared, Basil
  • Ink has also written for Otaku USA Magazine and The Fandom Post as well as talked about bad (and good) sports anime over at the Taiiku Podcast.
  • Jared also writes for The Electrum Edition and has written for Wave Motion Cannon.

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