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Oldtaku no Radio # 007 – Golgo 13

For episode double-o-seven, Jared and Ink train their sights on the 2008 anime adaptation of a seinen classic: Golgo 13. This super-expressionless super assassin has become legend, but why? What is the secret behind Duke Togo's staying power? Is it the length of his barrel, the cock of his rifle, his prowess in hitting the G-spot, or the uber-ridiculousness of the whole gun fantasy/power trip? Listen and find out!

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Runtime: 1 hr, 06 min

Show Notes

  • Opening Song: "Through the Glass" by Kaz Mirblouk
  • 00:45 – Let's briefly talk source material.
  • 00:53 – Ink is incapable of pronouncing Japanese names…any of them.
  • 01:55 – The interview referenced by Ink can be read here.
  • 03:35 – Let's talk manly man's man anime
  • . . .
  • 41:18 – Twitter questions!
  • The anatomy of Golgo 13 (via).
  • Ending Song: "Money 1973" by NO FUTURE
  • Be sure to visit TV Tokyo's Golgo 13 website, but be careful where you point that cursor.
  • Twitter: Ani-Gamers, Oldtaku no RadioInk, Jared
  • Ink also writes for Otaku USA Magazine and The Fandom Post.
  • Jared also writes for The Electrum Edition and Wave Motion Cannon.

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