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Help Us Hit $100 on Patreon to Unlock a New Column: Mystery Box of Misery

Nezuko from Demon Slayer crawling out of her wooden box.

The Ani-Gamers Patreon has been growing slowly but surely, and our amazing patrons have helped pay for our hosting fees for the first time in the site’s history, hire an editor for the Ani-Gamers Podcast (thanks Pat!), and kick some money back to our contributors for all their hard work. As of this writing we’re at $83 per month, just $17 away from a clean $100. So, to sweeten the pot a little and push us past that next big milestone, we’re adding a new reward, unlocked at $100: a brand-new column featuring a rotating cast of Ani-Gamers contributors and (of course) some patron crowd participation. I’ll let Ink do the honors:

Ani-Gamers Not So Proudly Presents: Mystery Box of Misery.

They’re the discs that go on sale for $1 during clearance and holiday sales, the Part 2 of 3 you receive in a blind box without either out-of-print bookend, the multiple copies of some seedy movie you already have and refuse to even hate-watch. The catch? We’re gonna watch ’em, and we’re gonna review ’em, but you’re gonna choose who reviews what! Ani-Gamers’ Mystery Box of Misery will appear monthly with short reviews of three blind-box items (without the context of preceding or subsequent episodes), and Ani-Gamers Patreon supporters get to vote via poll on who has to review which title. Want to have a hand in deciding who’ll watch what? Join us!

Mystery Box of Misery will be published right here on the Ani-Gamers blog, free to read without subscribing to our Patreon, but the patrons (including $1 subscribers) will be pulling the strings and choosing which DVDs to inflict on which contributor. We’ve provided a lot of patron-only benefits so far, but we wanted to give our supporters a chance to help us create something fun that they can share with everyone.

We just need a few more patrons to get us across the finish line. Sign up for $1 a month to get a shoutout on the blog and podcasts plus access to Patreon polls (including the Mystery Box of Misery ones) or for $5 to get that plus all of our bonus podcasts and articles and a “Golden Ticket” that lets you force us to review something. If you’re already a $1 patron, you can also up your subscription to the full $5. Every little bit counts and helps us keep this thing going. Thanks!

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