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Thousands of Gamers Mob Bioshock Infinite Trailer Site

Breaking: Today at 7PM GMT, thousands of slaving Internet denizens flocked to an unsuspecting website and fleeced it without mercy for its precious bandwidth, thus frustrating one another in the attempt to view a 180-second-long trailer (embedded in this post after the break). Our man on the scene*, frustrated beyond any reasonable human limit, exclaimed “DAMN YOU INTERNET GO AWAY” as he frantically tried to acquire the bandwidth needed to behold the video clip. Even once the video presentation had begun, our man on the street found himself waylaid by errors and inconvenience, reaching a point at which he implored the website “DONT STALL AT THAT MOMENT. [...] COME ON.” To the credit of the website hosting the video, it held strong against the tide of users and reports of it collapsing against the strain have been isolated and minimal.

Dropping the irreverent tone, the real news story is that Irrational Games, creators of SWAT 4 and the original Bioshock, have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Bioshock Infinite. The trailer follows on from a low-key teaser site campaign hosted on and a behind-closed-doors presentation in New York earlier this week. Large quantities of additional media have now been released about the game, in particular on Joystiq, who also have an interview with studio founder and creative director Ken Levine. From details that have been released, the game is set in 1912 onboard a floating city called Columbia, held aloft by comically large hot air balloons.

On a personal note, I must say that I find myself ambivalent towards this announcement as I am not very enthused by the environments presented in the trailer, and have been unimpressed overall by previous entries in the Bioshock series. In addition, the game is not scheduled to be released until 2012, and between now and then there are many other video games that I am personally much more excited by.

*A person I follow on Twitter and fellow Ani-Gamers writer, Mitchy D.

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