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Review scores change: no more stars

It's finally happened. For a long while, I have considered abolishing star ratings from our review system here at Ani-Gamers, but I was never sure of how I would want reviews to be set up without stars. Would we have any final, conclusive "rating" or other comparative measure between reviews? Well, the decision has been made.

Beginning with this week's reviews of Phoenix and The Art of Osamu Tezuka, Ani-Gamers will no longer feature star ratings in ANY of its reviews (for anime, manga, games or anything else). Instead of numbers, we will now include a final comment [in brackets] after each review, expressing the reviewer's overall opinion. These comments will be one of five terms: "Highly Recommended," "Recommended, "Passable," "Bad," or "Terrible." My hope is that this will allow reviewers to siphon more attention toward their actual review content (not the score) while simultaneously providing readers a standardized measure by which to consider their next anime, manga, or game purchase.

As with any change that directly affects our readers, I invite anyone with comments, questions, or suggestions regarding reviews to please make your voice heard through the comments thread on this post, our contact form, or e-mail.

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