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Notice: New post schedule, fansub restrictions, & disclaimers

With the addition of two new staff members to the Ani-Gamers team, I do believe it's time for us to change up how we post articles. We've worked on a very haphazard, post-when-it's-ready schedule until now, so in order to make things easier to read for our audience, we are going to try to institute a regular, weekly schedule. For now, we will be posting two big articles a week (possibly thematically related), not including weekly columns like Brotherhood Diaries. That way every week, readers can come back and find articles for them on preset days.

The plan right now is to put up articles on Tuesdays and Fridays, and have a section on the sidebar dedicated to the week's post schedule. If our post output slows down (or speeds up) at any point, we will probably change the schedule around to compensate, but we will do our best to remain in a regular pattern.

I have yet another very major announcement: Ani-Gamers will no longer publish reviews of fansubs or scanlations of recent and/or licensed content. For a long time, we have posted occasional reviews of these anime and manga series, a fact that has bothered me due to the illegality of both modes of distribution. With the anime and manga industries struggling to maintain solvency in this dangerous economic climate, it is the task of responsible news outlets like Ani-Gamers to prevent the degradation of the industries that we cover. Please note that this new restriction does not eliminate our writers' ability to write about fansubbed or scanlated series – it simply puts restrictions on it. The link below will provide more information.

Also included in the link below is information about our other change: Ani-Gamers will now be including disclaimers in all of our reviews, stating the version of the title that was reviewed. This was done in part to comply with a new FTC regulation requiring disclaimers on all product reviews on blogs, and in part as a way to increase the utility of our reviews for readers who are considering buying a product.

For more information on our fansub policy and disclaimers, read our new "Policies/Disclaimers" page.

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