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Brotherhood Diaries postponed due to FUNi video problems

Ed Elric is very disappointed, FUNimation

We sincerely apologize for the lack of "Brotherhood Diaries" posts in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, though, the FUNimation video portal has been down for weeks as the anime distributor performs "maintenance operations." The site just came back online recently, but the latest Fullmetal Alchemist episode is still Episode 9, so we cannot provide a column about Episode 10 just yet.

(Yes, we realize that the series has been broadcasting on Japanese TV and there are fansubs for it online. However, Ani-Gamers pledges to give our full support to the localized version of any series, as long as is currently licensed and distributed by a North American distributor. A two-week interruption of service does not warrant an abandonment of FUNimation's localization of Fullmetal Alchemist.)

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