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Win a copy of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis!

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis

You thought that Science Ninja Team Gachaman was a crazy name for an anime? Jonathan Clements has been using a far crazier one for years in his writings about the anime industry for publications like Newtype USA. Now his various essays about anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture have been collected into a single book: Schoolgirl Milky Crisis (the name comes from a generic name for any given anime series – a name that Clements has often used to protect the identities of anonymous studios and staff members).

Clements is, of course, the co-author of the Anime Encyclopedia, one of the most comprehensive volumes of information about the medium ever published. Before he worked as a writer, however, he also wore pretty much every hat in the anime industry: translator, voice director, voice actor, etc. And even before that, he was the on-staff translator for one of the earliest and most prominent anime fanzines, Anime UK.

If you're interested in reading all about Clement's crazy adventures in the industry (the book's not lying, they're some pretty crazy adventures), then drop a comment here in this post (or email me at contest [at] anigamers [dot] com) with the following: Your name/email address and your own crazy name for an anime, in the vein of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis. Y'know, "Gogo Dragon Monkeyfist." Whatever the hell you want. We'll pick our two favorites from the entries, and send each winner a free copy of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis. It's really too good a deal for you to pass up.

And hey, if you want another chance to win a copy, enter the podcast contest – the rules are at the end of episode #013. You can enter both contests, but remember, you can only win one or the other. (So you can't win on both the blog and podcast)

[Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is now available in stores from Titan Books. Visit the official blog, run by Clements himself.]

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