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Happy Holidays, and welcome to AGv2.2!

A very Ani-Gamers Christmas

It's official: Ani-Gamers version 2.2 has been all wrapped up and put under the tree for you guys. But lucky you, this present doesn't have to wait until December 25th to be opened! That's because as of today I have completed initial work on the new layout. Everything should be working just like before, excepting the new menu and sidebar formats, which should be self-explanatory. We finally have a prominent feed button up in the upper right, and there's a cool spotlight under that to show off the latest big posts.

Remember, some parts of the site (especially a couple of the back pages) aren't complete yet, so they will still reflect the old layout. Over my upcoming break, I should be able to iron out any problems you guys might be having with the layout switch. Remember to email me if you find anything truly amiss that needs immediate fixing.

Enjoy version 2.2!

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