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Apology: MangaNEXT Con Report

I just want to send out a quick apology to all of our readers who may have been anticipating a convention report for MangaNEXT. (I don't know, maybe somebody's been waiting for it) Due to a lot of personal things eating into my free time (and maybe my own bad judgement too), I never wrote up a con report, and It's far too late to try to publish one. For the record, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed my time at the convention, and I thank the staff for kindly providing me with a press pass.

If anybody is still looking for info on the convention, why not listen to Ani-Gamers Podcast #008 - MangaNEXT Superpodcast? It was actually recorded at MangaNEXT and it contains, for all intents and purposes, a con report in audio form.

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