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Happy Thanksgiving from us!


Well, Black Friday is coming to a close, and we're sure that your stomachs are full and your wallets empty. The entire Ani-Gamers staff hopes that everybody had a happy Thanksgiving, and hopefully grabbed some sweet deals on anime, manga, and games today. (Remember, Amazon's got some sweet deals going all weekend, and RightStuf has a 30% off sale going until December 7)

I will be away for the rest of the day tomorrow, but around 1PM you'll be able to find my Mirror's Edge review. I worked long and hard on it, so make sure you read it, ya hear? Oh, and if you're seeing family members this weekend who are into anime and/or games, you can, y'know... slip them our URL. We're always looking for new readers!

Anyway, how was everybody's Thanksgiving/Black Friday? Did you fill up on turkey? Get trampled trying to buy games at insane low prices? Let us know in the comments.

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