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Grand Theft Auto saves lives, gets DLC

Grand Theft Auto IV

The best GTA game that everyone forgot about has been making headlines this week on two accounts. First, the story of a young, preteen girl who helped her family to safety after their 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped into a ditch. According to her mother, Karen Norris, Audrey Plique was able to recognize the danger of an overturned vehicle and react accordingly, thanks to Grand Theft Auto! "She just knew, from playing Grand Theft Auto,” Norris explains. “She saw on there that when a car rolls over, it can blow up. She knew that could happen to us." Help arrived soon after and all members of the family walked away with only cuts and bruises.

Second, we have word from Eurogamer that, according to “sources close to Rockstar North,” the downloadable content exclusive to the Xbox 360 is on track and might be arriving sooner than we think. According to these sources, the content will take the form of two ten-hour-long episodes. New achievements for the episodes have also been reported, as well as other rumors running the gamut from new cities to extra story content. According to Eurogamer, the release date for all of this new GTA goodness is to be sometime in late November of this year.

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