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XBLA GoldenEye, we hardly knew thee

There is still a lot of love out there for the N64 classic GoldenEye; a title which finally made it cool to shoot at people using a gamepad. Sadly, however, it seems that this title, one that is held so high in our memories, will remain just that – a memory. In an interview with, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton was able to shed some light onto the game’s fate.

When last we heard the title had been put on indefinite hold thanks to a disagreement between Nintendo and Microsoft over how the revenue would be divvied up. Kotaku later reported that it was Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, who was to blame for this state of affairs – stating that, since GoldenEye was originally a Nintendo title, it shouldn’t see a release on someone else’s console. Skip ahead six months and now we’re getting Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie instead – wait, what's going on here?

Concerning Bond, Nick Burton explains: "That was a tricky one. To be fair, I kind of wished that the differences got sorted out, but obviously there's the licensing issue for Bond, even if it's something that's already come out. It's incredibly hard to solve because there's so many license holders involved. You've got the guys that own the license to the gaming rights now, the guys that have the license to Bond as an IP, and there are umpteen licensees."

He goes on to explain that the title is no longer in Rare’s hands, stating that it’s “locked in this no man's land.” Ah well, perhaps it’s better that we all remember GoldenEye as it was instead of testing how well this 11-year-old title holds up today.

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