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This Week in Ani-Gamers ~ 8.3.08

Crap, I'm late again. Well, I'm finally back from vacation, and ready for some more Ani-Gamers action. As I listen to my backlog of Fast Karate episodes, I look over this week's posts with a hint of pride. In a single week, the Ani-Gamers staff was able to pump out eight news articles, two reviews, a podcast, and a column.

This week, we learned of a new Space Battleship Yamato project, a new manga from Death Note's creators, and the release date for Fable II. Pigeonflu raved about Square Enix's The World Ends with You, I gave Tim Eldred's Grease Monkey the review it deserved, and Pigeonflu and I even made a podcast episode for you guys. Check out this week's links after the break.

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Nishizaki planning new Yamato anime project
Death Note manga creators launching new series
Parasite Eve 3 & Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to PSP
Grand Theft Auto IV heading to the PC
"WHAAAGH!"-hammer Online hits this September
XBLA GoldenEye, we hardly knew thee
Fable II's release date confirmed
More Mass Effect DLC on the way?

The World Ends with You (DS)
Grease Monkey

Up for Download: 8.4.08 Edition

AGP#004 - E3 2008 Analysis (Awkward Pauses edition)

On Deck:
[Review] Beauty Pop - MimixRose
[Review] Grand Theft Auto IV - Pigeonflu
[Review] Kurenai - Uncle Yo
[Review] The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Vampt Vo
[Review] Paradise Kiss - Uncle Yo

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

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