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Fable II's release date confirmed

Fable II limited edition

Today, via their official website, Lionhead Studios announced that their upcoming action RPG, Fable II, will be released in North America on October 21st and in Europe on October 24th. In addition to the standard retail game, a limited edition version of the title was also detailed at $79.99 and is set to include: a “making-of” DVD, a figurine, bonus in-game content, and five special “fate cards.”

The British game studio also announced that the XBLA title, Fable II Pup Games, will be arriving August 13th for 800 points (or for free if you pre-order the game). The title will include three casino style games, titled “Fortune’s Tower,” “Keystone” and “Spinnerbox,” which will allow players to gamble away, and hopefully amass, money which they can transfer over to their Fable II account when it launches.

[via Xbox 360 Fanboy]
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