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Peggle bouncing onto DS

Peggle Last week at the Casual Connect summit Popcap’s CEO David Roberts announced that Peggle would be coming to the Nintendo DS. The project is managed by developer Q Entertainment, who has a solid track record in handheld development between Lumines (PSP) and Meteos (DS). Q and Popcap have also announced that the title will feature both new game modes and touch screen integration.

For those of you that haven’t already poured hours and hours of your life into this title, Peggle is a game that capitalizes on a simple premise: clearing orange blocks. Each level is littered with various dots and platforms, and it’s your task to take out the orange ones by bouncing tiny balls off of them. Think of it as sort of a mix between the arcade classic Breakout and The Price is Right’s Plinko. Check it out now on Steam, or later this year on XBLA.

[via IGN]
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