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Portal: The Flash Version Released As Map Pack

MOAR PORTAL! If you're like me, you have gone quite a long time since playing Portal. While the original maps and the scathing wit of GLaDOS are just as great, it is not really possible to play a three to five hour game for seven months. Fear not! The folks over at We Create Stuff have found a solution!

You may not know who they are, but you most likely have heard of, if not played, their finest work, Portal: The Flash Version. Basically Portal TFV is exactly what it sounds like; a Flash version of Portal with all the puzzles and physics of the original game. It is slightly simplified, being 2-D and containing less snide comments from the deranged computer, but it is still quite a brain-buster.

We Create Stuff has recreated all 40 levels of Portal TFV into legit Portal levels, as well as adding bonus levels and short treks behind Aperture Science, just like in the regular game. There are no new jokes for GLaDOS to say, so she will say the regular lines as you travel though. The way it is presented and with the same GLaDOS lines makes it seem like a predecessor to Portal, or maybe Portal 1.5. I may do a review of the maps later, but if you want to grab the map pack for yourself, you can get it here (PC only).

[via We Create Stuff]

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